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Resources Held By the
National Archives of Australia

The National Archives of Australia (formerly Australian Archives) has placed an enormous amount of its resources on the Internet.

General guides to NAA holdings which are of interest to Australian family historians will be listed below, followed by specific military information which is available on-line through the NAA. Researchers are urged to carry out further searches for additional information.


Getting Familiar With The NAA

Getting Started is an introduction to the NAA service and its holdings.

Fact Sheets have been prepared and can be searched in numerical order.

The NAA have compiled comprehensive indexes for their resource collection and their Fact Sheet Indexes and Fact Sheet Subject Indexes have been placed on-line.

You will also find a chronology of events since Federation and specific information for genealogists.

More information can be found in the Cabinet Records where topics include defence and security.

Military Records

Sources of information about military service is the best place to start for your military research.

It tells you where to write for your ancestor's service records and even includes an address for British service records. For more details, also check out the following:

Australians At War

The NAA has provided Fact Sheets on specific military campaigns:

  • Boer War - Overview of Australia's involvement and record holdings

  • World War I - Making an application for your ancestor's World War I records

  • World War II - War Cabinet records
  • World War II - The sinking of HMAS Sydney

  • Vietnam - Australia's involvement, including a guide to resources and personnel records

Aliens And Internees

Family History Sources in the National Office includes information on Military Service, Aliens, and Internees. More specific details can be found in:

Defending Australia

Veterans' Case Files

People And Events In Australia's Military History

In the Commonwealth Federation Guides you'll discover information on a variety of topics, including the military, but you'll also find information on specific people, including:

Military Records Sorted By Location

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