"dps-chat" MAILING LIST

The DPS-CHAT-L mailing list and its digest DPS-CHAT-D are hosted by the Dead Person's Society in Perth, Western Australia. Further information about the group can be found at:


Since 1997 [dps-chat] has been made available as a community service by the Teaching and Learning Centre at Murdoch University in Western Australia. Unfortunately, a change in University policy over the last year has left our list with an uncertain future and as of April 1, 2001, it was transferred to the Rootsweb server in the USA where its digest format [DPS-CHAT-D] has resided since 1998.

The main purpose of the list is to provide a forum for computer users with an interest in family history research, especially those who live in Western Australia or who have research interests in the State.

Bearing in mind that most researchers will also have interstate and overseas interests, subscribers from, and information concerning other geographical areas are welcome (as long as family history is the aim and Western Australia is the usual focus of attention).

It is hoped that postings to the list will serve to inform subscribers of changes and developments in the family history field and also offer help and advice to subscribers experiencing problems with research, the use of computers and the various aids that family historians use.

The list has an open subscription policy, but Rob Nelson, the list-owner and moderator, reserves the right to monitor postings and steer them back towards the stated purpose of the list when necessary.

Answers and comments are expected to maintain a good standard of user help, service and "netiquette". We actively campaign against the use of:

  • HTML embedded codes - "Plain-Text" mode needs to be chosen
  • excessive quoting - re-read ALL of a message before sending
  • meaningless [Subject:] lines - do they reflect the essence of the message
  • long signature files - 4-6 lines at the most
  • advertising - never in a signature file and only with approval in the body of the message
  • private messages - check the [To:] field before sending a message
  • anonymity - indicate the town or country where you live but NEVER publicise other personal details on DPS-CHAT or anywhere else on the internet

Questions to DPS-CHAT-L should give sufficient detail to make it easy for subscribers to reply with the best possible answers or suggestions. When reading an answer posted to DPS-CHAT-L, don't expect perfect advice, just a reasonable endeavour to assist made in good faith by volunteers.

To subscribe to DPS-CHAT in either its list or digest format, simply click the appropriate button below and send the pre-filled email which will be generated in your mail-reader. More comprehensive instructions will be sent by return email:

DPS-CHAT-L-request@rootsweb.com   (for list mode)Subscribe to DPS-CHAT-L

DPS-CHAT-D-request@rootsweb.com   (for digest mode)Subscribe to DPS-CHAT-D

After subscribing to dps-chat, you can send email to all subscribers by addressing messages to:

  • ENJOY your participation in [DPS-CHAT] and happy hunting!

Rob Nelson (list-owner)