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These pages include details provided by Perth DPS Members about their families and research interests according the earliest arrivals and births in Western Australia and other parts of Australia.

You'll notice that not all of the following families and individuals arrived in Australia as early as the 18th or 19th centuries. Many are what might even be termed recent arrivals, but each in their own way and time represents the pioneering generation in Australia of their respective families.

Some came to Australia of their own accord, others were driven by desperate conditions in their homelands and still others came against their will "at His Majesty's pleasure". Regardless of the circumstances, the experience of leaving home, family and friends must have been a difficult one. William Wade, with his brother Thomas, arrived in Western Australia aboard the ship "Ganges" in October 1841 from Ireland. The following passage from William's reminiscences describes the farewell ...

"The fateful day arrived at last and I have quite forgotten the exact and veritable date but it must have been the first or second of June. But the day of the week I am sure of, it was a Monday. A vehicle had been engaged to take us some miles on our way. Our baggage had been forwarded by carrier to Belfast beforehand. Uncle John Banks represented all our relatives and was in tears. Father and Mother had wept their eyes dry long since, the young ones could not be seen but there was heard weeping and great mourning as if for the dead, deep childish grief, if loud, which will soon turn to other things when we are gone which is quite natural and proper, childhood is not a time for sorrow.

"A sound of wheels, the cart is at the door, I sought Mother's face, she lifted both hands and with the cry "Oh Mother" I fell at her feet and embraced her knees in a fainting condition ... Her hands were clasped around my head and I heard her dear voice the last time on earth "The blessing of God of Heaven above and earth beneath be about my son". Uncle John raised me up, put his hands on my head and gave his blessing and Father hurried me into the trap where Thomas was already and we drove away. I was in a stupor, a kind of sleepiness came over me so that when several boy friends came to the cart to say goodbye as we passed through the town I was barely able to recognise them and now strange today I never noticed, saw or knew how Thomas made his farewell. I saw no-one but the Mother."

[Wade, William - Papers. MN 858. 949A, 1026A, 1075A., Battye Library Perth, WA]


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