Research Interests - August 2001

I have been researching my family history since 1997.

Ancestors in my family lines have lived in Western Australia since March 12, 1830 when Thomas John Willey and Susannah Willey arrived on the 'Warrior'. Since then, seven generations of my family have lived in Western Australia.

All other direct ancestors in my family arrived in Western Australia prior to the year 1900. During the last 100 years, most of my ancestors lived in the Perth area.

Since 1962, I have resided in the United States of America, and I currently live in Bowling Green, Kentucky. If you want further information about the families listed below, please contact me at

Locality KEY
CLIFTON   London LND ENG bef 1841
CLIFTON   Australind WA AUS aft 1841
CORBETT   Worcester WOR ENG bef 1853
CORBETT     VIC AUS aft 1853
DEERING   Savannah GA USA bef 1835
DEERING   Newtown NSW AUS 1850s
DEERING   Braidwood NSW AUS 1860s
DEERING   Sandridge VIC AUS 1870-1895
DEERING   Perth WA AUS aft 1895
DRABBLE   Bradfield YKS ENG bef 1851
DRABBLE   Claremont WA AUS aft 1851
GARDNER   Gawler SA AUS cir 1865
GARDNER   Nevertire NSW AUS cir 1895
GARDNER   Granville NSW AUS 1896
GARDNER   Kalgoorlie WA AUS 1898-1920
GARDNER   Subiaco WA AUS aft 1920
HEMBURY       ENG bef 1863
HEMBURY   Adelaide SA AUS aft 1863
HEMBURY   Perth WA AUS aft 1895
HOLMES   Cork COR IRL bef 1889
HOLMES   Nevertire NSW AUS cir 1895
JOHNSTON   Newcastle STS ENG bef 1841
JOHNSTON   Australind WA AUS aft 1841
LAMBOURN   Tottenham LND ENG bef 1853
LAMBOURN   Melbourne VIC AUS aft 1853
POWELL   Dublin DUB IRL bef 1845
POWELL   Chester CHS ENG 1845-1852
POWELL   Geelong VIC AUS 1853-1870
POWELL   Minyip VIC AUS aft 1870
POWELL   Bunbury WA AUS 1893-1903
POWELL   Northam WA AUS 1903-1923
STINTON   Horseheath CAM ENG bef 1841
STINTON   Bunbury WA AUS aft 1841
WILLEY   Piccadilly LND ENG bef 1830
WILLEY   Augusta WA AUS 1830-1831
WILLEY   Fremantle WA AUS 1831-1840
WILLEY   Murray District WA AUS 1840-1850
WILLEY   Beverley WA AUS aft 1850

Nov 1, 2001