Research Interests - July 1999

The following names and locations are those of my direct lines. I also keep any details of these surnames for other families in the state/county that I come across, so if you are of the same surname but different family, I may have some relevant information.

If you want further information about the families listed below, please contact me at

Locality KEY
AMOR   Milton
WIL ENG pre 1900
ARCHBOLD       SCT pre 1842
BEER   Goldberg SCI GER pre 1848
BEER   Barossa Valley SA AUS aft 1848
BEZANT   Pewsey WIL ENG pre 1900
BOLWEL     WIL ENG pre 1751
BOZIER       ENG pre 1860
CANTLON     LEX IRL pre 1842
CARPENTER     LEI ENG pre 1851
CARPENTER   Arthur River WA AUS aft 1851
CARPENTER   Williams WA AUS aft 1851
DAVIS     HAM ENG pre 1829
DAVIS   Perth WA AUS 1829-51
DAVIS   Fremantle WA AUS 1847
DAVIS   Toodyay WA AUS 1829-51
ENNIS     LOU IRL pre 1839
FOX   Clare
OFF IRL pre 1866
FOX   Scarsdale VIC AUS 1870s
HALE   East Hampstead BRK ENG pre 1842
HALE   Guildford WA AUS aft 1842
HALE   Kojonup WA AUS aft 1842
HAMILTON       IRL pre 1862
HARDING   Portsmouth HAM ENG pre 1842
HENDERSON     WLN SCT pre 1852
HENDERSON   Ballarat VIC AUS 1850-80
HERBERT   Aston BRK ENG pre 1840
HERBERT   Toodyay WA AUS aft 1840
HERBERT   Northam WA AUS aft 1840
OFF IRL pre 1865
HINCLEMANN       GER pre 1848
HOLMES     LEX IRL pre 1842
JARVIS     WIL ENG pre 1806
JENNINGS   North Mimms HRT ENG pre 1886
JENNINGS   Perth WA AUS aft 1886
LIFFORD   Enfield MDX ENG pre 1851
MONGER   Faversham KEN ENG pre 1839
MONGER   Toodyay WA AUS aft 1839
MONGER   Northam WA AUS aft 1839
MONGER   York WA AUS aft 1839
MOURITZ   Dundalk LOU IRL pre 1839
MOURITZ     VIC AUS aft 1839
MOURITZ       NZ 1855-76
RIEMANN       GER pre 1848
ROBE     VIC AUS aft 1836
ROLLER       SCT pre 1852
SCI GER pre 1848
SHAW     LOU IRL pre 1839
SMARTT   Newberry BRK ENG pre 1851
SMARTT     VIC AUS aft 1851
STERRITT     OFF IRL pre 1842
STERRITT   Ballan VIC AUS 1840s
STERRITT   Bacchus Marsh VIC AUS 1850s
STERRITT   Gordon VIC AUS 1860-1902
STEVENS   Newberry BRK ENG pre 1851
STRAGHAN       IRL pre 1862
STRAHAN   Toodyay WA AUS 1860s-1940
STRAHAN   Perth WA AUS 1900-1918
STRAHAN       IRL pre 1862
SWAINE   East Hampstead BRK ENG 1809
WAUGH   Colinton MLN SCT pre 1852
WILLS     KEN ENG pre 1840
WISEMAN     LEI ENG pre 1851
WOOLLASTON   Enfield MDX ENG pre 1851
WUILLEMIN       CH pre 1877
WUILLEMIN   Sale VIC AUS aft 1856
WUILLEMIN   Briagolong VIC AUS aft 1856
WUILLEMIN   Perth WA AUS aft 1900

Nov 1, 2001