Research Interests - August 1999

I am trying to trace the life and times of many ancestors but especially my great uncle, Rev. Sidney Alexander Milward; my grandfather, Thomas Horatio Milward; and my late father, Trevor Sidney Harding Milward.

All spent considerable periods of their lives in Western Australia and to that end, I have associated interests in the arrival of immigrants from 1895 to 1913 at Fremantle, The Bush Brotherhood, Hale College, Career histories of Law Courts personnel and social Histories of the period 1900-1949.

If you want further information about the families listed below, please contact me at

Locality KEY
ANDREW     YKS ENG aft 1860
ANDREW   Edinburgh   SCT bef 1870
ANDREW   Clunes VIC AUS aft 1875
ANDREW   Hawthorn VIC AUS aft 1891
ANDREW   Rockhampton QLD AUS bef 1969
BOYD   Cardiff   WLS cir 1921
BROCKMAN   Busselton WA AUS aft 1900
CARROL   -All- -All- ENG cir 1932
COOKWORTHY   -All- WA AUS aft 1916
FISHER   Belmont WA AUS aft 1900
FRICKER     CON ENG bef 1856
FRICKER   Coghills Creek VIC AUS aft 1897
FRICKER   Ballarat VIC AUS aft 1857
FRICKER   Chinaman Flat VIC AUS aft 1858
FRICKER   Amherst VIC AUS aft 1860
FRICKER   Timor VIC AUS aft 1867
FRICKER   Buckland VIC AUS aft 1889
FRICKER   Maryborough VIC AUS aft 1890
FRICKER   Auburn VIC AUS aft 1914
FRICKER   St. Kilda VIC AUS bef 1951
HOPKIN   -All- -All- WLS aft 1730
HUNT   Uitenhage   RSA 1880-1916
JONES   -All- -All- WLS aft 1710
MILLWARD   Cardiff   WLS 1700-1970
MILLWARD   Swansea   WLS 1870-1970
MILWARD   Cardiff   WLS aft 1700
MILWARD   Oystermouth   WLS aft 1870
MILWARD   Swansea   WLS 1870-1970
MILWARD   Bristol   ENG aft 1800
MILWARD   Gloucester   ENG bef 1900
MILWARD   Cheltenham   ENG bef 1900
MILWARD   South End ESS ENG cir 1910
MILWARD   Brighton   ENG bef 1951
MILWARD   Vancouver BC CAN 1870-1920
MILWARD   Perth WA AUS 1900-1949
MILWARD   Busselton WA AUS 1910-1949
MILWARD   St. Petersburg   RUS cir 1905
MILWARD   Honiara   SLB 1900-1910
MILWARD   Melbourne VIC AUS aft 1942
MORGAN   Cardiff   WLS aft 1800
MURPHY   Ilfracombe   ENG aft 1880
MURPHY   Brideport DEV ENG aft 1880
PHILLIPS   -All- -All- WLS aft 1770
REES   Newport   WLS aft 1920
SECKER   Wakefield   ENG aft 1750
SECKER   Clunes VIC AUS aft 1880
SECKER   Melbourne VIC AUS aft 1891
SPROLT   Belmont WA AUS aft 1910
THOMAS   Cardiff   WLS cir 1976
THOMSON   Maylands WA AUS aft 1928
TINK   Alma VIC AUS aft 1860
TINK   Dunolly VIC AUS aft 1858
WILLIAMS   -All- -All- WLS aft 1810

Nov 1, 2001