Research Interests - November 1999

My genealogical research to date has mainly consisted of compiling information (mostly family trees) provided from within the family, but in recent times, I have begun to cast a wider net for more information and connections, primarily by simple searches of LDS records and through internet search engines.

My family lines come from UK/Europe, but are spread about, some being easy to trace, others not. Norway and Scotland have been relatively easy, but Germany (East) not so, and I have just begun to look into Wales and Ireland.

I have not been discriminatory in my name and link collecting, following the LDS view that a link is a link, however tenuous, although I have not researched the indirect lines. I continue to follow this policy and am interested in connecting with anyone sharing a common ancestor.

The following is a list of surnames that I am primarily interested in.

If you want further information about the families listed below, please contact me at

Locality KEY
BATEMAN     WA AUS 1829-1999
BESTE     THU GER 1800s
BOCH     THU GER cir 1850-1910
CARTER     BRK ENG 1800-1860
CARTER   Angaston SA AUS cir 1850-1999
CARTER   Walkerville SA AUS cir 1870-1999
KNUDSEN   Borre   NOR cir 1870-1999
LINTON   Penicuik MLN SCT 1700-1830
MELSOM     VE NOR 1600-1999
SCANLON   Meeth   IRL 1800-1860
SCANLON   Sandhurst VIC AUS 1858-1900
THOMAS   Sandhurst VIC AUS 1858-1999

Nov 1, 2001