The Harris Family Tree

Research Interests - May 1997

My special areas of interest are NSW immigration from 1835 to 1890, Bounty Immigrants, early Camden NSW (particularly the workers at Camden Park), and Yulgilbar Station in northern NSW.

The Sheather Family Home Page is a collaborative work with my cousin, Philip Sheather from Wagga Wagga who I met through the Australian and New Zealand Genealogy newsgroup. There are 15,000 related persons represented on the site.

I am currently working on pages for the Phemisters of Scotland and New South Wales, and the Hilders of Sussex, Kent and Australia. In addition, a recent discovery has steered me in the direction of the Second and Third Fleets in search of a previously elusive family line.

For information on any of the families listed here or on the linked pages, please contact me at

Locality KEY
ARMSTRONG   Tabulum NSW AUS aft 1851
ARMSTRONG   Muff DER IRL 1830-50
ASHDOWN   Sydney NSW AUS 1838-1975
ASHDOWN   Beckley
SSX ENG 1814-38
BANHAM   Messing ESS ENG cir 1800
BLUNDEN   Mountfield SSX ENG cir 1767
BRENNAN   Dublin   IRL cir 1822
BREWIT   Clapham SSX ENG cir 1703
BREWITT   Clapham SSX ENG cir 1703
BRYER   Gillingham DOR ENG cir 1808
CARMAN     SSX ENG 1800-35
CHEASMAN   Angmering SSX ENG 1670-1730
CHEESMAN   Angmering SSX ENG 1670-1730
CHESMAN   Angmering SSX ENG 1670-1730
CHISMAN   Angmering SSX ENG 1670-1730
CHUULKE   Angmering SSX ENG cir 1676
CONERAY   Embly TIP IRL aft 1770
CRONAN   Dirk LIM IRL aft 1800
DUNK   Camden NSW AUS aft 1839
DUNK   Mountfield SSX ENG 1750-1840
ENGLISH   Dirk LIM IRL aft 1790
ENGLISH   Jugiong NSW AUS aft 1840
FEMISTER     MOR SCT aft 1700
FIMISTER   Moray MOR SCT pre 1840
FORD   Dallington SSX ENG cir 1650
FRASER   Drainie MOR SCT cir 1768
GOODWIN   Inworth ESS ENG cir 1820
GOODWIN   Messing ESS ENG cir 1800
GRANT   Kingussie INV SCT aft 1809
GRANT   Moray MOR SCT pre 1835
GRIFFEN   Dublin   IRL pre 1822
HAINES   Mountfield SSX ENG 1780-1850
HAMILTON   Lorragan   IRL cir 1816
HAMILTON   Fine Flour
NSW AUS aft 1900
HAMILTON   Yulgilbar NSW AUS 1836-1960
HANDS   Burwash SSX ENG cir 1610
HAYTER   Gillingham DOR ENG cir 1808
HERMITAGE   Mountfield SSX ENG cir 1770
HILDER       -All-   -All-
HILDER   -All- NSW AUS aft 1830
(Second Fleet)   
Norfolk Is.   AUS 1791
JACK   Draine MOR SCT cir 1740
KELLY     DUB IRL 1820-40
LIBBIS   Gorleston SFK ENG 1758-1847
(James William)   
    IRL cir 1824
  DON IRL 1845-56
(James William)   
Glenn Innes NSW AUS 1853-83
  NSW AUS aft 1856
McWATERS   Glasgow LNK SCT 1828-50
McWATERS   Glasgow LNK SCT 1828-50
MILHAM   Ewhurst SSX ENG 1730-1840
MILLER   Mountfield SSX ENG cir 1769
MILLHAM   Ewhurst SSX ENG 1730-1840
MOREY     DEV ENG 1820-40
MOREY   Sydney NSW AUS aft 1840
MORRIS     NFK ENG aft 1758
NEEVE   Ashburnham SSX ENG cir 1695
NEEVES   Guestling SSX ENG cir 1735
NEVERD   Alresford ESS ENG cir 1760
OLLIVER   Angmering SSX ENG 1729
ORPEN   Maningtree ESS ENG cir 1780
PHEMISTER   Copmanhurst
(Smiths Flat)
NSW AUS aft 1839
PHEMISTER     MOR SCT aft 1700
PHIMISTER     MOR SCT aft 1700
QUINN   Embley TIP IRL aft 1770
RUSSELL   Drainie MOR SCT cir 1708
SARGENT   Ticehurst SSX ENG cir 1789
SEALY   Ewhurst SSX ENG cir 1760
SELLENS   Mountfield SSX ENG cir 1818
SELLINS   Mountfield SSX ENG cir 1818
SHANLEY   Yulgilbar NSW AUS aft 1836
SHEADER   Peasmarsh
SSX ENG 1814-38
SHEADOR   Ninfield SSX ENG 1730-1839
SHEATHER   Ninfield SSX ENG 1730-1839
SHEATHER   Camden NSW AUS aft 1839
SHEATHER       -All-   -All-
SHEDER   Peasmarsh SSX ENG aft 1800
(Nathaniel Simon)   
NFK ENG 1815-33
(Nathaniel Simon)   
Sydney NSW AUS 1833-91
(Thomas Nathaniel)   
NFK ENG 1785-1815
SUTHERLAND   Ettles MOR SCT 1741-80
TICEHURST   Mountfield SSX ENG aft 1730
VICARY   Sixpenny Handley DOR ENG cir 1805
WARREN   Inverness INV SCT cir 1805
WATSON   Sydney NSW AUS 1838-44
WATSON   Liverpool LAN ENG 1830-40
WATSON   Rocky River NSW AUS 1856-1900
WATSON   Hobart TAS AUS aft 1808
WEEKS   Camden NSW AUS aft 1837
WEEKS   Sixpenny Handley DOR ENG 1800-37
WELCH       IRL pre 1816
WELHAM   Alresford ESS ENG 1750-1850
WELHAM       AUS aft 1850
WELHAM       NZ aft 1850
(Second Fleet)   
Norfolk Is.   AUS 1791

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