Research Interests - May 1999

Who want's to be a Nonconformist?

I was given a loan of a notebook with the "Family History" in it, connecting my family name of SUMMERS to the EVANS and THOMAS families, many of whom were Baptist Ministers as far back as 1625. The hard part was proving everyone to be related and then the resurrection of records for more details.

Thanks to the LDS, I have read lots of films and some from Broadmead Baptist Church, Bristol, where S. Summers and H. Evans were ministers and families are mentioned in great detail.

There are also reasonable amounts written about the ministers in Welsh Biography and National Biography, both found in the Alexander Library.

The THOMAS family were Tried by Cromwell's Triers at Neath during the Propogation of the Gospel in Wales (1649). These records have not surfaced yet.

If you want further information about the families listed below, please contact me at

Locality KEY
BENT   Hinxworth HRT ENG aft 1772
CLARKE   Teddington MDX ENG 1790-1805
COLEMAN   Ramsgate KEN ENG 1827
COXALL   Sutton BDF ENG aft 1809
EVANS   Pentre BRE WLS aft 1625
EVANS   Bristol GLS ENG 1712-87
GOOD   Shaftsbury DOR ENG aft 1736
HARBOUR   Shipborne KEN ENG 1837
HARBOUR   Adelaide SA AUS aft 1852
HARRIS   Bristol GLS ENG aft 1725
LENEY   Hartfield SSX ENG aft 1789
LENEY   Shipborne KEN ENG 1837
LENY   Hartfield SSX ENG aft 1789
LENY   Shipborne KEN ENG 1837
LLOYD   Uley GLS ENG 1711-64
MOODY   Laverton SOM ENG aft 1796
MOODY   North Bradley WIL ENG aft 1805
MOODY   Adelaide SA AUS aft 1849
MORRIS   Meningie SA AUS aft 1850
NEAVES   Teddington MDX ENG aft 1803
PEACOCK   Harpenden HRT ENG aft 1791
PHILCOX   Poplar MDX ENG aft 1848
PHILCOX   Adelaide SA AUS aft 1858
POTTER   Brixton SRY ENG aft 1832
POTTER   Marylebone MDX ENG aft 1866
SABEY   Henlow BDF ENG aft 1810
SHARP   Ridgemont BDF ENG aft 1785
SHARP   Clophill BDF ENG aft 1810
SHARP   Hitchin HRT ENG aft 1861
SUMMERS   Shoreditch MDX ENG aft 1776
SUMMERS   Wickwar GLS ENG 1825
Rev. Samuel  
Bristol GLS ENG aft 1861
SUMMERS   Adelaide SA AUS aft 1848
THOMAS   Caio CMN WLS 1719-40
THOMAS   Leominster HRF ENG aft 1740
THOMAS   Shoreditch MDX ENG aft 1780
WEBB   Clophill BDF ENG aft 1750
WHEELER   Uley GLS ENG aft 1720
WHITTARD   Uley GKS ENG aft 1672
GLS ENG 1783-1872
WHITTARD   Bristol GLS ENG aft 1815
WINCH   Wymondley HRT ENG 1750-1800
WINCH   Kings Walden HRT ENG 1750-1800

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